The MCM GUI program is a user application program realized using Microsoft Visual Studio and National Instruments MStudio software tools.

A background communication process implements the remote control of MCA (Motor Control Agent) through gigabit Ethernet link using lite UDP/IP protocol.

A shared memory is instantiated to exchange the remote virtual memory mapped FPGA IP’s to virtual memory mapped in Windows system.

A set of shared libraries for MatlabScilabPython including a COM interface for Visual Basic for Application (VBA) are supplied.

The architecture simplify the implementation of multi process remote application from single motor to multi motor system.

The simple VBA editor can used to create testing script and simple application.

The powerful Matlab let create very fast application with minimum latency time when used with powerful PC and gigabit Ethernet.

The open source option of Scilab is an useful and free alternative.

The Python interface opens to classic scripting and Jupyter Notebook on Windows. 

The standard Microsoft Visual Studio C/C++, C#, Visual Basic application can be implemented by customer.


The validated application can be integrated into MCA application as extension for native UDP/IP remote control.