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IVPL Data Logger

Real time data logger

This IP module is optional function to log all FOC analog values from motor power FPGA IP

The data logger has these charactersitis:

  • data sample size is signed 16-bits signal
  • a record is variable size from 1 to 10 signals.
  • the first signal is always the FOC electric angle
  • in full size record the IVPL logs all FOC analog values
  • the records are stored in physical memory using AXI-MASTER protocol
  • the record memory can be FPGA memory (block RAM) or PS main DDR memory
  • the trigger can be automatic mode or syncronized with electric angle = 0
The data logger is interfaced with MCA s/w so with MCM remove GUI so the logging data can be saved on PC storage and displayed in real time using several display graphic panels.

In case of local application with Linux operating system the logging can be used by application for runtime analisys, this include Python, Scilab etc..