QDESYS supports your company offering design services and consulting, system definition, h/w design, s/w development and testing.

When faced with new project and technologies often important decision have to be taken with environment and know-how that is not yet fully clear. Tailoring and partitioning a design is also a key element to differentiate your design versus the competition.

QDESYS can help you in the start-up fast and safe toward the end of your prototype: 

  • Evaluation Service is basic support for usage KIT and customize draft application limited to evaluation purpose
  • Hardware development, prototyping and pre-production. This include co-design in h/w to reduce develop time and risks.
  • Software and FPGA development, on customer h/w solution with inclusion in supported list for public or private usage only
  • Training customer engineer for application user level and deep knowledge for creation custom IP to interface the core.
  • Application specific GUI using same s/w technology of standard remote control motor manager GUI.

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