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NETMOT is a Networking and Motor Control daughter board that plugs into FMC connector of Xilinx’s FPGA kits. It is intended as compact end effective interface for advanced networked motor and motion control systems based on Xilinx FPGA.


NetMot V2 superseeds NetMot V1.




NetMOT v2Equipped with two Ethernet 10/100/1000 physical layer interfaces, two power bridges to drive 24V permanent magnet motors (PMSM, BLDC, Stepper), sigma-delta analog to digital converter with high common mode, and legacy communication like Profibus® or RS485 and CAN.

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This board has been successfully employed in the new Xilinx TDP concept to realize networked VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) and Dual Axels Networked VFD. Main usage of this board is in creating the infrastructure and proving the concepts for industrial communication and control.


The prototyping phase with Xilinx FPGA has been accelerated with the NETMOT allowing the deployment of all the concepts of the final applications before entering in production. This approach reduces the risk of re-spin.


EtherCAT and CAN multi axels VFD has been successfully demonstrated for low power motors (up to 50W).




Other information

The NETMOT allows the following functional evaluation:

  • Industrial Ethernet – NETMOT offers 2 10/100/1000 Ethernet interfaces directly coupled to the carrier platform.
  • Motor Control
  • Multi-channel Analog Sigma Delta acquisition – (stator’s currents and motor’s bus voltage). With Sinc3 filter and high speed data link.
  • DNA (Device DNA security)or unique identifier for tracking in networked remote maintenance.
  • High Speed low latency channel between the NETMOT and the carrier – For those applications requiring isolation barrier between the power and the control.
  • Separate High Speed low latency for status, I/O and power bridge control.
  • Power Bridge dead time insertion
  • Modulation SVM, SINE, and other schemes. NETMOT implements a resource efficient high resolution space vector modulation, sinusoidal, and offer two custom modulation strategies for high efficiency.


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