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Company Profile

For many years, QDESYS supplied OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) with innovative and reliable solutions for embedded applications for the industrial market. QDESYS supports customers in all phases of their development projects, from concept to system realization.


FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) and embedded processors is at the core of QDESYS solutions in tailoring customer requirements or QDESYS’s intellectual property into effective combination of software and hardware partitioning.

The main portfolios include high performance industrial control and networking with special focus on motor control systems.  


QDESYS also works closely with leading semiconductor manufacturer in order to support latest product and software releases, as well as industry standards.


QDESYS is headquartered in the beautiful Verona in north of Italy.


In the last 5 years QDESYS’s continued to serve its clients in complete discretion to meet their highest expectations in the ever changing nature of the embedded market.





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